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Shermie Wiehe (Pianist & Singer)

Shermie performing "Music Box Dancer"  >
  • 1960 - 1968:  Teacher, Mrs. Florence Gustafson, Kansas City, KS.  She performed with Liberace for 2-years throughout the US for music workshops.  She is my credit for my success in playing the piano and for my father assuring I practiced piano every day for 1-hour minimum.

  • 1965 - 1967:  Studied percussion (drums), Coronado Jr. High School, Kansas City, KS - 3 years, along with performing at the piano for the stage band.

  • 1967 - 1970:  Studied percussion (drums), Washington High School, Kansas City, KS - 3 years, along with performing at the piano for the stage band.  I also perform at the drums for the marching band, pep band and played drums and piano for country bands throughout the KC regional area.  I played piano in the high school stage band and also would go to bars to perform.  I was honored to perform for two Kansas Senator dinner parties at the piano.  I went to Kansas University State Music Contest yearly (1967-70) performing memorized 4 to 5 minute solo for drums and piano.

  • 1970 - 1972:  Performed at piano and drums for bands throughout Kansas City (KC) while attending Missouri Institute of Technology obtaining an Electronic Engineering Technology Degree.

  • 1972 - 1997:  Hired to work at the Kwajalein Missile Range in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, working for US Contractors providing technical support in the electronics and computer control systems as follows: Telemetry, Optics, Radar, Computer and Logistics technical facilities.  I started many bands and manage groups up to 7-piece to perform for parties of all kinds.  The band name was "Shermie & Friends" for many years.  We traveled around performing through the islands of Micronesia.  I subcontracted piano tuning and repair for more than 15 years serving pianos owned by the Army and nearly 100 private owned pianos.  My bands performed for presidents of Micronesia, US Senator dinner functions, US Army Parties, Contractor parties, private businesses throughout Micronesia.

  • 1997 - 2005:  Company relocation to Boston, MA.  Performed piano at the Old Timer Restaurant, Clinton, MA, 3-nights a week for seven years.  Started and managed a 3-piece music entertainment band "End of the Line" and performed for private parties, restaurants and golf clubs.  We became popular and even played for parties that included US senators.  Performed at the famous Concord Colonial Inn for a wedding at Sterling National Country Club, Carver Hill Orchard, the Gael House Grill, the Twin Oaks and the Wachusett Country Club.

  • 2005 - 2009:  Company relocation to Colorado Springs, CO.  I worked for Ken Miller (composer/arranger/pianist/conductor), Broadmoor Music director, in performing weekly at the piano at the Broadmoor Hotel. I performed at the Golden Bee 2-3 times weekly along with performing at the Broadmoor Golf Club and corporate functions  Also provided entertainment at Senior Living Communities, performed at the Academy Hotel, The Antlers Hotel, and The Cliff House.  Performed for the following: Al Wilson of the Denver Broncos Charity Golf Tournament and Congressman Doug Lamborn election night party,

  • 2009 - 2014:  Company relocation to North Platte, NE.  Performed weekly at the Pop Corner Restaurant and at the Great Plains Regional Med Center lobby.  Perform for IBEW Local 1920 Christmas parties, Depot Restaurant, North Platte Chautauqua 2010, North Platte River Mall, IBEW Local 1920 Summer Picnics (2009/2010), performed for 2012/13/14 Miss Rodeo Nebraska Association, The Lakehouse, The Moose Lodge, VFW Post 1504, UnReel Events Country Weekend 2011, Chubby's Lounge, Feather River Vineyard, Saint Patrick's "Green" Benefit Function (2009/2010) performances for my lodge Platte Valley Lodge 32.

  • 2010 - 2017:  Performed for MerryMakers Organization based in Omaha, NE.  Perform senior living communities and rehab centers throughout Nebraska as assigned by MerryMakers organization, more than 350 facilities they support, along with supporting the centers in Des Moines, IA.

  • 2014 - Present:  Retired - Relocated to Shawnee, KS.  Shermie at the Piano performs for senior communities, Camelot Ballroom, private parties, clubs, and with other bands: Kansas City Dixieland Band, Dean Del Rio Band. Arnie Johnson and the Midnight Special, Birthday Band and True Country.
Danney Williams (Guitarist - Lead/Rhythm) & Singer
Danney performing "Meet Mister Callaghan"   >
  • 1960:  I got my 1st guitar while living in Topeka, KS.

  • 1964:  Moved to Arizona and bought a US SCHOOL OF MUSIC correspondence book to learn how to play guitar.  Learning on my own, I didn’t understand it, so my parents paid a music teacher to explain the book to me, which lasted for 2 lessons.  I wanted more and quicker.  I attended a small church where some members were very good musicians.  That is where I learned about different beats. They also taught me chord structure.  So I bought a Melbay Guitar Chord book and taught myself how to play chords.  I then played vinyl records. listened and studied them.  So I guess I can say the lesson’s helped but most of my ability came from wanting to play bad enough.  I continue to learn to this day.  At 15, I joined a country band playing rhythm guitar in the Mountain area near Kingman, AZ.  At 16, I landed my 1st job as a lead guitar player in Lake Havasu, AZ.

  • 1968 - 1972:  US Navy USS Lexington CVT-16 Boiler Technician

  • 1972 - 1979:  After my Navy Years, I moved to Topeka, KS, where I played with Ron Willms and the Bluelighters.  They were the opening acts from Nashville like Buck Owens, Bill Anderson and Frenchie Burke.  We won many contests and recorded at the Hilltop Studios in Nashville, TN.

  • 1979 -1982:  I joined the Country Connection Band (a family band) until they retired from music.  In that time frame I was on WREN radio doing a gospel show every Sunday with Cowboy Jack Allison.

  • 1982 - 1984:  In 1982, while my day job had been driving a truck all over the Midwest as an owner-operator, I found myself not in a band so I started driving all over the 48 states which was something I had always wanted to do.  I did that until 1984, sold my truck and got a local job working in maintenance and back to playing country music.

  • 1984 - 1994:  Country Showman Band where we had the privilege of opening for Ray Price, The Comets (Bill Hailey’s Band), etc. Kenny Starr (Blind Man in the Bleachers #1 hit) had been the band’s lead guitar before I joined the group.  January of 1991, we played for the inaugural ball for Governor Joan Finney, the 1st female governor elected in the state of Kansas.  We won many contest and awards allowing us to play for WIBW-TV annuarly Harvest hoedown.  This band played around northeast Kansas and Eastern Missouri for over 30 years.

  • 1994 - 2003:  The lead singer and I started a new group called Silvercreek.  We played about every club around Topeka.  This was a 3-piece band that became very popular.  We even had Kathy Baker from Hee Haw join us one night at Del’s Country in Topeka. 

  • 2003 - 2007:  I joined the Arnie Johnson and The Midnight Special Band.  Arnie is well-known in the northeast Kansas and has had his band for many years with most of his dances filling the place up with dancers.

  • 2007:  I met Paul Root again after about 30-year gap.  We decided to play where ever we could as a duo.  It wasn’t long until I could start playing regularly again.  After settling in with additional members, we called ourselves the Sierra’s.  In 2012, we opened for the Bellamy Brothers.

  • 2011 - 2018:  I travelled to the Rio Grande Valley as a Winter Texan, where I played in 3 bands.  The first one was Top Notch Country group which I became very good friends with and still connected with them.  The 2nd group was Jack Nelson and County Line, which was voted the best country band in the valley in 2015.  In the summertime while I was back home and the keyboard player with County Line, Paul Anderson, helped me in my career setting up a dance to play with Tony Booth.  I also had the opportunity to play with Claud Gray and Janine Sherry "Miss Minnesota" (don’t remember what year), she also was in Branson, MO with the Boxcar Willie Show.  They disbanded and I started with Regan James and the Hired Hands Band.  2018 will be my last year going to Texas.  Around 2013, I joined Dr. Cook’s Medicine Show and in 2016 we started up the Yesterday Band 50-80 rock and roll.  For a while I played on occasion with Morey Sullivan who was Hank Thompson’s front man/bass player.  He invited me to play with Hank Thompson and the Brazo’s Valley Band for a dance, believe me when I say I was excited.  For some reason the dance was cancelled.  In 2015, I cut my 1st CD. which all the songs are instrumentals.  In 2012, I received 1st place in Men’s Open Picking in the State of Kansas.  On October 3, 2015, I was inducted into America’s Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame.
Jessica Chao (Bass Guitar)