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 Shermie interviewed by KNOP TV, North Platte, NE, Pop Corner, 2012


Shermie's interviewed at home by KNOP TV, North Platte, 2009

Shermie's Music Fans
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Your volunteer time providing music made summer an amazing success!  Over 5,000 people enjoyed the 2017 Barnyard Babies Festival at the National Agriculture Center and Hall of Fame, Bonner Springs, KS.  Thank You!  Judy, Marsha & Dawn
For any of my friends in that live in the Kansas City area, if your looking for something to do, Shermie is an awesome guy, piano player like none other.  He's entertainer that will leave you talking about him.  He's the nicest guy to work with and chat with.  If you get a chance to listen to him go, and tell him I said hello.  Frank Wain Perry
Shermie, Thank You so much for providing the music for our Prime Rib Dinner Fundraiser. We have had many compliments on the music, and are pleased to let you know how much people enjoyed your style. You were a great addition to the atmosphere and ambience. Thank you for turning our fundraiser into a success.  Director/Gothenburg Senior Center.  Angela Barkmeier
Great Job in Gothenburg, NE, Senior Center:  Shermie - Just wanted to tell you, we got lots of excellent comments on the music at the prime rib dinner fund raiser last Friday, March 23, 2012. They thought your choice of music was wonderful, you could say "A great time was had by all".  Judy
Shermie, Linda and I listened intently to every word spoken of the KNOP TV interview about you and your music.  A better man does not exist on this earth........  That's what we think of you!  People from all walks of life have enjoyed your musical talent.  Funny thing is you do it for free, for mankind.  I liked you from the first day we met.  I know I'm a little crazy sometimes but I sure do enjoy our friendship.  I'm proud to call you a friend and have more respect for you than I do for myself.  Know this for sure, when you play music it takes people on a journey in their minds to a time and place from the past.  The elderly are sick and in pain, when you play the pain goes away for the music duration.  Just try to imagine how much relief you have given and you're not even a doctor.  WOW......  You blow me away Sherm......  Forget about all the bullshit some have put you through, just remember all the healing you continue to provide to others everyday.  You've touched thousands with music and it is only just begun.  Thanks again for your friendship and music, we listen to the CD's everyday.  Nobody plays country music and sings like you pal.  Your friends, Johnny & Linda
Jim and I really enjoy listening to the music.  Thank you for the entertainment.  Sounds great as you always do on your piano, and Sonson sound terrific.  You both are amazing.  Thanks God we have good friends like you to remember to share your songs, music, and talents.  We appreciate this very much from the bottom of our hearts.  Your Friends, James & Grace
Good attracts good and you deserve all the good... Your life will run smooth....  love you too...  thank you for everything...  you're the best....  don't think I would have made it growing up without you....  together we made ya, your sister, Sandra Wiehe, Kansas City, KS, Sanman Gardens

Hey man, I rolled out of bed this morning and put on my "Shermie At The Piano, Christmas Music CD" and cranked it up.  We needed a little cheering up around here, so it was nice to listen to.  After my nephew's death, I've learned to try to live more in gratitude.  Every day is nothing more than a gift.  Cheers, Paul, Nov. 21, 2009, Stockton, CA
Thank you for what you do, you have a great following of people who are very appreciative of keeping the Kwaj spirit alive and growing.  But in another aspect of your web sites that is apart from the Kwaj life, you have been able to let us all see part of who you are and we all have enjoyed being part of that too.  What stands out most vividly is your respect and love of family, God and country.  Your talents in music have been able to unite strangers but your ability to show what makes your life good is a lesson for all of us.  Frankly I envy you and what you have, family especially.  You're blessed.  Jay Rodriguez, Carlsbad, CA
Thank you Shermie for such a pleasant ambiance with your music.  Bea, North Platte, NE
Dear Shermie, thank you so much for being a part of G. R. E. E. N. 20th.  The Endowment is extremely grateful for your support!  You are an amazing talent, and we have received nothing but compliments about your performance at the G. R. E. E. N.  We hope you will mark October 6th on your calendar for this event next year!  Sincerely Wendy, North Platte, NE

Without You Shermie, Massachusetts won't ever be the same.  Especially for these two former down-on-their-luck Karaoke D.J.'s who in three short years become headliners at the famous "Twin Oaks".  Then again, we had the perfect formula for success:  A Kansas farm boy who'd just spent 23 years on an island, a deranged Vietnam Vet and an absent-minded professor who locks himself out of his own car...  How could we lose? Thanks for all the great times, for the music lessons and for your friendship.  We'll do our best to console all those broken-hearted women you left behind.  Marty & Dave, Clinton MA
Nov. 11, 2004  Hi Shermie, hope to see you again someday.  You are the greatest musician, I have knew and the guys, Marty and Dave (End of the Line Band) will never find anyone to replace you and they know it.  So everyone will be lost with you.  Hopefully, you will find more good and faithful friends in CO and have a great life there.  Just remember your friends here in New England will be lost without you.  Take care, Love Maureen, Clinton, MA
First and foremost I would reflect on:  your generosity, your friendship, your great sense of humor, your songs, your smile, your keen insight and most importantly your great musical talents.  For all the good times, I find myself feeling grateful to God and I thank him for someone he provided in my life in the yesterday that makes my today more meaningful.  I certainly have a greater appreciation for good music.  Carol, Clinton MA

You came into my life so unexpectedly when I was 84 years old and brought so much fun and happiness in that year.  Your wonderful style at the piano, when you played the songs I loved from the 1930's & 40's. that we both enjoyed together and from all your CDs that you made for me.  I'm sure all the people you play for will love it as much as I do.  In Memory of Connie, Clinton MA

Connie was not only a friend but my best fan of music from Clinton,  Massachusetts.  She never missed a gig and always brought her friends and sometimes family to my performances.  It was always fun to see her attend with her gang who loved to dance and listen to my band, End of the Line.

Unfortunately, Connie is no longer is with us, but her memories will forever be with me as a fan and friend.  I credit Connie leading me into learning many songs of her times that were her favorites, especially the 1930s-40s.  I continue to play these tunes until today and I always remember her. 
Nebraska Days Heritage Festival - Dear Shermie, thank you so much for performing at the museum this year.  You were awesome!  If your schedule permits, we'll love to have you again next year - we'll be in touch.  Again, our thanks and very best wishes.  Co-Chairman & Director (06/20/2010), North Platte, NE
Thanks Shermie.  Youíre the most animated, talented piano player Iíve heard in the six years Iíve lived in the Colorado Springs.  Great job tonight.  Sincerely, John
Shermie, I have a large collection of Marshallese music.  I hear about the "Shermie & Friends" influence in the Marshall Islands.  I really think my copy of "Shermie & Friends" Marshall Islands produced music should be in the museum in Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands, I do think it is the first real recording of their music.  In Memory of Cactus Pete

Shermie, What a fabulous "Christmas Gift CD".  You were always 'loved' and now this chronicle reveals why; talent, personality and HEART.  You have meant a great deal to any & all Kwaj residents.  Thank You for your kindness because, as huge as you were in the fabric of our lives, it's obvious now that we were just a fleeting touch of appreciation and joy in yours.  Well done.  Shermie was "EVERYBODIES" friend on Kwaj.  Ray Helstrom
Miss Janet Johnson, my favorite fan who came to the Pop Corner in North Platte, NE every Wednesday.  She was there at each performance to the end.  She really enjoyed my music and laugh at all my jokes and comments.  We had lots of fun laughing together.  I always looked forward each week to see her when I was playing piano.  Shermie - North PLatte, NE 2008-14
Mrs. Teresa Sweley, Pop Corner owner, provided me the opportunity to play piano and sing at her business every Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  It's a great time for me and I enjoy it very much.  My music performances attracted many music lovers in the community of North Platte and surrounding areas.  It's a great place for home cooked food, live entertainment and to have just a good time with Shermie.  Shermie - North PLatte, NE 2008-14

 My WHS1970 classmates visiting my performance at the American Legion Post 327
Sue Witten, Nina Panjada-Davidson, Connie White-Green, Cindi Kepler, myself, Mary Terrel Arney & Marsha Keithly-Peterson
Saturday - Feb. 14, 2015

Shermie & Jessica with Evelyn Turpen at Linden Court, July 3, 2015, North Platte, NE
Evelyn is our friend and a music fan. We love seeing her always, a wonderful person.

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